Saturday, July 19, 2014

150 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Passages

--On sale for 50% off for 48 hours only--Purchase now to save big.  150 Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading passages.  Yes, you just read this correctly! Complete this quick practice in just five minutes a day when students first enter the classroom as a bell ringer.  There is a DIFFERENT passage and Common Core questions for each day of the school week.  Informational text, realistic fiction, poetry, plays, historical fiction, and fantasy stories are all included. Every Common Core Literature and Informational Text Standard is included.  Many standards repeat across the weeks to provide steady Common Core Review.Click Here

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  1. This year, I was forced to come up with a math literacy idea for my alternative teaching license requirement. This is a lesson that worked out really well and inspired me to do more of this type of thing with math. Feel free to share and modify to your needs.