Thursday, July 31, 2014

20 Weeks of Grade 6 Daily Common Core Reading Practice (100 Reading Passages)

Common Core has just become easier.  This document contains 100 passages that align specially to the Grade 6 Literature and Informational Text Common Core Standards. Informational Text, literature, poetry, fantasy, folktales, plays, suspense stories and more are included.  Click Here For More Information

  • Review literature skills in between reading novels.  With Daily Common Core, students can review important literature skills and closely read text with quick, daily passages.
  • Save time--The reading passages include school friendly themes that are taught in middle school literature such as self-acceptance, resolving conflict, and more.
  • Monitor student progress.  The Common Core Standard is written next to each question to make student and teacher progress monitoring easy.  A weekly checklist at the end of each week lists the Common Core skills that were covered.
  • Expose students to a variety of genres. The passages include realistic fiction, informational text, poetry, historical fiction, and YA fiction.

The Common Core Standard is written right next to each question to make progress monitoring easier.  This is a great way to quickly review figurative language, inferences, character traits, and more.  Click Here For More Information

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