Monday, June 2, 2014

(Grade 3) A Full Year of Daily Common Core Reading Practice

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Yippee!! All 40 weeks of Daily Common Core Reading Practice are complete. 

This ultimate Common Core reading document provides 200 different passages (recently increased from 180) for a full year of quick and convenient Common Core practice. The questions are text dependent and include multiple choice, close reading, and short written response question varieties. Use them as morning bell work when students first enter the classroom or use them as nightly Common Core homework.Click Here To Access It

The questions are text dependent and cover multiple levels of Bloom's Taxonomy.  The standard is written above each question for convenient progress monitoring.  Many Common Core Standards repeat across weeks to provide steady Common Core review in quick, manageable doses.

Multiple choice, short response, and close reading questions are posed so that students can practice Common Core in multiple formats.

The passages use the same types of professional writing techniques as award winning novels and cover the same types of themes and topics that are covered in third grade in order to provide authentic practice. 180 quick passages are included to provide practice for every day of the school year.  

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