Friday, April 25, 2014

More~Use Cups to Teach Math

Most of the time, I see games for much younger kids.  I purposed throughout my educational career to create math and reading games for older students.  They love them!

During a recent post, I shared a few ideas about how to teach math with cups.  I only posted a few games with that post.  This blog post is to share even more teaching ideas.

Decimal place value can be tricky for some students.  
Cups can help students visualize the decimal placement within numbers to make decimals so much easier to understand.  Use any type of cup to create this game.  Use a permanent marker to write different decimal numbers on the cups.

Expanded Notation
Cups can also be used to create hands-on expanded notation games too.

Expanded notation is the type of concept that some students need a lot of practice with in order to master.  Expanded notation is part of the Common Core Math Standards for decimal numbers and numbers that are greater than one.  Use cups to teach these concepts too. 

Write the word form, expanded form, and the numerical form of different numbers onto different cups.  When students stack three matching cups, they will be practicing numbers in three different formats.

Use a time limit to make it into a small group game.  Students can compete to get the most matches within one minute.  Or, use this as an individual game.  A student can work independently to get matches.

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