Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Daily Common Core Reading Grade 5 Weeks (21 to 25)

Weeks 21 to 25 are finished!  Yippee!  I would like to first say thank you so very much for all of the feedback that has been given about the previous 20 weeks of Daily Common Core Reading Practice.  We are making our way to week 40! I have been balancing my time between finishing these documents and working on some blog posts and freebies.  Click Here To Access Weeks 21 to 25

What is New?
I have been slowly inching up the reading level as the weeks on the Daily Common Core Reading progress to assist with the higher lexile levels of Common Core.  If you have seen the appendices of the Common Core Standards, then you have seen the examples of classic literature that is recommended for students to read.  I don't know about your students, but mine would pass out if I gave them Alice in Wonderland, Great Expectations, or Little Women without some type of primer.  

Week 24 uses the same phrasing, wording, and sentence structures that were used in literature that was written during the 1800s and early 1900s to address Common Core Standard 10 (Text Complexity) from multiple angles.  Rather than reading an entire novel with this type of vocabulary and structure first, students can become familiar with writing from these time periods by reading manageable, bite-sized daily pieces of literature. 

The weeks include informational text, fantasy stories, realistic and historical fiction.

Below is a list of the standards that are covered.
Week 21:  Informational Text (Giant Sequoias)
Standards Covered Include:
· RI.1 Inference                                      
· RI.3 Relationship Between Ideas
· RI.5 Text Organization
· RI.7 Visual Elements
· RI.9 Integrate Information
(Drama and Literature Standards):
· RL.1 Inference
· RL.5 Text Organization                                      

Week 22:  Literature (Historical Fiction &
Realistic Fiction)
Standards Covered Include:
· RL.1 Quote Accurately from the Text
· RL.3 Character Motive
· RL.3 Character Analysis (Compare and Contrast)
· RL.4 Vocabulary
· RL.6 Point of View

Week 23:  Informational Text (Koalas)
Standards Covered Include:
· RI.1 Inference         
· RI.2 Summarize
· RI.2 Main Idea (Part of the Standard)
· RI.3 Cause and Effect
· RI.4 Vocabulary
· RI.6 Author’s Purpose
· RI.9 Integrate Texts
 Week 24:  Literature (Historical Fiction & Fantasy)
Standards Covered Include:
· RL.1 Details
· RL.1 Inferences (Part 2 of Standard)
· RL.6 Author’s Purpose
· RL.6 Point of View (Part 2 of the Standard)
· RL.10 Text Complexity

Week 25  Literature (Realistic Fiction & Fantasy)
Standards Covered Include:
· RL.3 Character Analysis
· RL.4 Literary Devices (Part of this Standard)
· RL.5 Text Organization
· RL.10 Text Complexity

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