Thursday, August 8, 2013

Common Core Exit Slips

What if a student just needs a little extra practice?  This rhetorical question (I hope I didn't answer myself out loud) is what prompted me to create these exit slips.  I needed at least one document that reviewed the same literary skills that are covered in my class novels and literature textbook. The stories had to have the same "feel" as a novel and not be written simplistically like this- "See Jane skip".  They had to be something that only takes a few minutes to complete. Additionally, they had to be interesting.  Last but not least, they had to include the same types of themes that are found in literature.  After scouring teacher store shelves, Barnes and Noble, and the internet, I found nothing.  I pulled out my paper and pen, and I started writing.

I can truly say these exit slips helped my students tremendously.  I am very grateful for the feedback from countless teachers that have also shared how these exit slips have helped out their students as well.  If you would like more information, please access one of the links.

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  1. The entrance strategy is actually more important than the exit strategy. See the link below for more info.