Sunday, August 4, 2013

Character Analysis

Character Analysis

These task cards provide thorough character analysis practice.  Not only do students gain practice with closely reading text using the passages on the task cards, students learn character traits, analyze how and why characters change throughout a story, and learn how to infer character motive.  Click Here To Access The Task Cards

Character Analysis
As I work with students, I really focus on getting them to analyze characters as well as focus on getting them to identify character traits.  This is often difficult for students to do initially. We walk through the process of analyzing information.  It is important for them to understand that when they analyze information, they should include text details and explain what these details reveal about a character or the effect that the details have on the overall text.  

This is not only the very heart of Common Core, but this is also one of the goals of closely reading literature at the higher grade levels.  The ability to do this at the elementary and middle school grade levels has a positive effect on ACT and SAT performance in high school as well as on AP English performance too.

For More Information about Activity Cards that Teach Students How to Analyze Characters Click a Link Below


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