Sunday, July 21, 2013

Grade 5 Common Core Reading Assessments, Worksheets, Rubrics, Graphic Organizers, Literacy Center Games, & More!

Would you believe me if I said that I eat, sleep, and breathe, writing?  I really love what I do because it allows me to combine my training as a writer with my training as a teacher.  Plus, it gives me a great reason to visit historical landmarks, speak to marine biologists, and collect ancient artifacts.  These resources were developed as a result of my deep passion for education.  The resources that you will find below were designed to make transitioning to the new Common Core Standards stress-free.

Common Core Grade 5 Starter Kit (Brand New) 300+ Pages of Common Core Resources all Bundled Together (Common Core Task Cards, Common Core Rubrics, Common Core Reading Test Prep Activity Cards, Graphic Organizers & More)

*****************Individual Resources****************
Daily Common Core Reading Practice in Five Minutes a Day

Topical Common Core Worksheets

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(Follow the links to access even more bundles of worksheets)

Common Core Literacy Center Activity Cards

Common Core Informational Text Assessments

Common Core Rubrics and Task Cards
Click Here to Access Them

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