Monday, June 17, 2013

Grade 5 Reading Assessments {All Informational Text Standards}

After many months, I am completely finished with this document.  You will definitely find this very helpful.  It is aligned exclusively to the grade five standards.  This was deliberately done because general inference questions, main idea, etc. do not work with Common Core.  Most standards contain completely different requirements across the different grade levels. That is just one of many reasons that you will find this to be helpful.   Each passage includes writing techniques like those seen in novels and informational texts to mirror the writing of true assessments.
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This document includes:

  • One reading passage per Common Core Informational Text Standard (10 Passages)
  • Two formats of assessment including multiple-choice and written response (4-5 Multiple-Choice Per Assessment)
  • Exemplar written response essays that have scoring notes to assist you in scoring student papers and with helping students understand each standard
  • A rubric for EVERY assessment
  • Fully explained multiple-choice answers 


  1. I am quite impressed. Do you have sixth, seventh and eighth grade like this too? I looked on TpT but I didn't see it.

  2. Thank you Kathy for asking. I have begun compiling and inputting the documents for the these grade levels too. I started writing passages for these levels about four months ago and am nearly complete with the formatting portion of the documents. They will be released before the new school year begins. Thanks again!