Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Reading Bento Box Ideas

On a previous post, I featured math bento boxes.  This post features reading bento boxes.  A bento box is a Japanese lunch box that has sections to keep all parts of a meal separate.  I call this a bento box because it provides separate learning center activities for a student to complete in one box.

The large container was purchased from Dollar Tree for one dollar and is a magnificent way to individualize instruction.  To implement this, place different learning center activities inside of each plastic container that you have.  A student can check out the bin that best fits his or her academic needs.

This box contains Grade 4 Common Core text structure activity cards, theme task cards that are differentiated for different reading levels, and a tube that students can use for charting the sequence of events in a text.

This bento box contains character analysis activity cards, a Doodle Pro for writing, and a tin with letters for creating words that follow a specific prefix or suffix pattern.

This box contains a hornbook that I created out of soft wood and heavy paper.  The students are usually fascinated to find out that this is what children used as a "book" during the 1600s and 1700s.  It also contains a slate from a craft store for writing.  The Common Core genres card and book are also in the box.  Students read the book and write their notes on the slate.

For additional information about the literacy centers shown here, click on an image at the left of the screen or click this link and scroll down.  Click Here

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  1. I really like this idea. I especially like the Bento box with the book, slate, and horn book. Great idea and this will easy to implement.
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