Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Interactive Art Journals Part 2

As an instructional coach, I work with students at different grade levels.  These are the Common Core aligned interactive reading journals that the fourth grade students have been working on.  Instead of binders, these students were given blank books to take notes in.  As I read text aloud, students create their own books.  This gives them practice with summarizing, writing, and integrating ideas from multiple texts (Common Core Standard RI.7)  Although the students do read guided reading books and review with traditional worksheets at times, this post is devoted to the interactive notebook portion of the lesson.

During this unit, students were taught about immigration and the Industrial Revolution.  Pictures were selected and cut out before the lesson.  Students selected the illustrations that best supported the text (Common Core Standard RI.5).  They also included additional details to support the ideas within the text (Common Core Standard RI.2)

More pics and information coming soon!  Click here to see pics of interactive journals at another grade level Click Here

Setting up for interactive journals is easy.  Students need a binder, blank book, or notebook.  When students write, they really internalize their learning.  That's one of the reasons why I love journaling so much.


  1. I really love the pictures pasted in the journals along with the writing. I can see so many possibilities for this type of journals.

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