Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Interactive Art Journals Colonial Unit Part 2

The interactive art journals are coming along very well.  The students have been begging me to take them home.  At the end of the school year I will let them.  

As we learn different concepts, students keep a record of their ideas, notes, and specific skills they need to work on in their personalized journals.  I love this idea so much because students create their OWN books as I read to them.  Through the read-alouds, the students are exposed to vocabulary beyond their grade level as well as content area vocabulary.  This is to cover Common Core Standards RL.4 and RI.4.  As I read, the students write their own summaries about what I am saying (RI.2).  They create a creative border for most pages.  They are shown step-by-step how to do the illustrations that go with some of the pages.

As we draw illustrations, I ask the students how the illustrations and text both support the text (RI.5).

After students write down details from the text that I read, I ask them to tell me the main idea.  Next, I ask them to think of an additional detail that they could add to the paragraph that supports the main idea (RI.2).  By writing about text, students are integrating the writing and reading standards.  The visuals also provide additional reinforcement.  

Updates about the interactive journals will be added soon!

The students also write phonics sounds that they need to review inside of the books.