Friday, November 23, 2012

Common Core Character Analysis Task Cards

Are you transitioning to the new Common Core Standards?  This resource will be a huge help as you teach character analysis to your students CCRL.3.  One of the greatest differences between current assessments and the new Common Core assessments is that students will be expected to defend their answers.  This will change how multiple-choice and written response questions are written.  This document provides practice with both!  It contains:
  • 38 Common Core Aligned Character Analysis Task Cards
  • 2 Additional Character Analysis Literacy Centers
  • Provides Guided Practice with Tips and Strategies
  • Provides Practice with the Recalling, Comprehending, Analyzing, and Evaluating Characters (Just Like Common Core)
  • Practice That is Aligned to the Common Core Publisher Specification Documents and Common Core Standards
  • Classroom-Tested Activities 
  • Answer Keys 
$5 for the complete document
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