Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Interactive Art Journals Colonial Unit (Part 1)

Tomorrow, the primary students that I work with will continue with our Common Core reading interactive art journals.  The focus will be on examining text illustrations as well as reviewing main idea (Common Core Standards RI.2 and RI.7).  We completed the hands-on main idea lessons before students were introduced to authentic text.  

Each student has an interactive art journal.  We will walk through the process of discussing which illustrations were used to support the text as well as how certain illustrations help a reader understand what they are reading (Common Core Standard RI.7).  I always have my Common Core aligned rubrics handy to evaluate student progress.  Click the link if you would like to access them.  Click Here

This is raw flax.  I watched this flax get wound into thread on an actual historical loom.  All I can say is amazing!  I will show the students my pictures during the lesson.

This loom was used to weave some of the dyed flax.  After completing our interactive art journal lesson, we will spend a few minutes carding and spinning cotton into thread.  We will use our hand looms and my over-sized bamboo knitting needles to weave and stitch the thread.

More pics soon!

For copies of the Mayflower Compact and passenger list as classroom props Click Here


  1. Hello Apple of my Eye,
    I actually created them myself and have used them with my students. I do not have a complete released file but have considered creating this document.

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