Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Transform Dollar Store Finds Into Classroom Treasures

Okay, we have all done it.  We have all gone to our local dollar or discount store and bought that item that we just could not pass up.  Who could blame use? I mean, it was only a dollar.  Today, we will look at Dollar Store finds and transform them into classroom treasures.  And yes, each item only cost me one dollar.  This post is just part one.  I will be back soon with more.

This innocent looking cutting board can make an excellent reading response paddle.

During guided reading, students can interject their ideas by holding up their paddles.

The "Magic Cube", you know the Dollar Store cousin of the Rubik's Cube, can make a great learning center for making words.  

Students turn each row and try to make a word in any direction.  The Dollar Store even sells letters too.  If you can't find them, your local craft store should have them.  For older kids, past prefixes, suffixes, or roots onto each square.
Use the Dollar Store binders and plastic protectors to create centers.

An empty Pringles container makes a fantastic learning center.  Clothespins become manipulatives.

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