Sunday, September 2, 2012

Create Chalkboard Stations on Anything

Every year, a new "must have" item emerges.  Remember the flexible bright wristbands?  Or skinny jeans?  Okay, if we go back farther, remember Tickle Me Elmo?  Today, the new rage is chalkboard mania.  Chalkboard paint and chalkboard strips are everywhere.  On today's post, we will investigate some ways that these tools can be adapted for use in the classroom.  

There are chalkboard sheets and chalkboard paints.  They are available in most craft stores.  Chalkboard sheets were used for these classroom items.

Use special chalk markers or chalk.  They easily wipe off the slick chalkboard surface with a damp cloth.

Attach the adhesive side of the chalk paper to a sheet of card stock or piece of wood.  Trim off the excess.

Now it is time to have some fun.

Use it to identify groups of students for group work or guided reading.

Turn the paper into a write-and-wipe learning center station.

Or, place a piece of chalk paper onto another sheet of paper. Use as a task card center.  Access the grades K-5 Common Core task cards here. Access middle school level Common Core exit slips here.


  1. Where did you purchase yours from? I looked in AC Moore and they didn't have any of these packs. Also, about how many packs did you need?

  2. Hi Little Miss Teacher,

    I got them from Paper Source. This is a card/accessories store. They have an online catalog if you do not have one in your area. They cost roughly $15 for a pack of I believe 6-8 adhesive sheets. Right after I purchased these, I picked up chalkboard paint from Jo Ann Fabrics craft store. I believe many craft stores carry this type of paint. It takes two coats of paint and only costs $6 for a plastic jar of it. Best of wishes with your project!