Friday, April 20, 2012

Class Museum Project and a Freebie

We have so many exciting things going on that I wanted to share some pics.  The Common Core Standards for reading are heavy on integrated thematic units.  These units go even deeper than traditional thematic units.  

The units the students have been working on are aligned the Common Core Standards and have actually been fun.  Third grade students are researching Ancient Civilizations and the fourth and fifth grade students are researching Colonial America (the fifth graders wanted to do the same unit as the fourth graders).

One student chose to focus on weaving and how clothes were made in colonial times.  After reading and annotating the text, I showed her how to weave using two pencils.  The student was able to live like a colonial woman for a minutes.

These are the notes from another student.  This student is studying   ancient civilizations.  They will apply what they have learned to create an archaeological dig and provide a guided tour to other students to explain life in Ancient Rome.
Students are reading multiple sources on the same topic and will apply what they have learned about text features to organize their writings with subheadings, illustrations, and captions.  In the next few weeks I will show the pics of the final projects.

This post also includes a link for 2 free templates for 3D reading response worksheets.  I will be back with more freebies!

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