Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free Common Core Standards Bookmarks

Greetings all!  Free Common Core Standards bookmarks are included with this post.  I developed these as reminders for my own students about what to focus on while reading.  These are great resources for the Common Core Standards.  Although I say they are for the Common Core Standards, these bookmarks are actually best practices for reading.  As a result, they can be used even if your school or region does not have Common Core Standards.  

As a K-8 instructional coach, I have to do a huge amount of research. This includes visiting top performing elementary and high schools, talking to college professors, and the list goes on and on.  The things listed on the bookmarks are a summary of some of the major things a student will need to be able to do to analyze what they have read.  

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Common Core Exit Slips
These exit slips can be used with fifth grade students and high or advanced fourth graders too!


These exit slips are aligned to the Common Core Standards and are a quick and convenient method of assessing student understanding.  The Inference Exit Slips contain short stories that address many of the themes that are common to middle school literature such as acceptance, utopian societies, dystopian societies and more.  The Figurative Language and Literary Device Exit Slips are designed to help students identify and analyze figurative language and literary devices within text.