Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Make And Take

The first Literacy and Math Ideas Make And Take! Each of these games can be downloaded directly from this blog.  Just click on the link to access it through Google Docs.

Money Game
This first game is a great way to review adding, subtracting, and multiplying money.  Click on the click to access the game.Money Game

How to Assemble and Play
Cut out each money card.  Follow the directions on each card in order to make a purchase.

Vowel Sound Pizza Game
Students often get the long i, short i, and short e sounds confused.  Click on the link to access the game.Pizza Phonics Game

How to Play
To remember these sounds, students sort pizza toppings.  Cut out the mushrooms only.  Match the mushrooms with the mat that has the same sound.

Money Naming Game
These puzzles are a great way to review coins.

How to Play
Cut out and laminate each puzzle.  Cut each puzzle along the heavy black line in the middle to make two pieces.  Students should then take turns matching the coin to the word that names it. Click on the link to access the game.  Money Naming Game

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