Thursday, September 6, 2012

3D Worksheets

Okay by now you know that I am on this never ending quest to figure out how to take simple subjects like reading and math and break all the rules when it comes to how to teach them. A link is provided below for some of the free templates shown here.  This is a great way to mix note-taking up a bit and motivate students to respond to text.

The next few pics are called 3D Worksheets.  I created them to motivate students to write down their notes, vocabulary words, etc. inside these worksheets.  For more ideas, follow my blog or my Pinterest board named Creativity.  Click here for the link

Gum Box Reading Response
The paper was printed on cardstock paper and was wrapped in aluminum foil.  The students had to write the main idea onto the pretend stick of gum and place it inside the student made gum boxes.  For dramatic effect, I walked around the classroom with a straw gift basket and collected all the "worksheets".

Paper Spool Summarizing
A thought came that it would be cool to make a spool out of paper and have students take notes on the actual thread.

When the students finish summarizing, all they have to do it roll up their thread and hand it in for me to check.

Mini Cereal Box Vocabulary
This is a mini cereal box  It is about four inches high.  Students have to write vocabulary words on the pieces of "cereal" from their reading with their meanings and place them in their boxes.

There are templates for most of these images.

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  2. Thanks! I will be sure to check it out.

  3. I love your idea of remembering things through creativity. Unique approach to children's learning. This is one way to remember the lesson they learn through boxes they had made by themselves.

    Jojo @ 2nd grade math worksheet

  4. Thank you! It makes learning much more fun