Saturday, December 10, 2011

Water Bottle Learning Centers Part II

As we approach the holidays, students become restless.  New literacy and math centers are a great way to get students to refocus.

Okay, so far we have saved the planet by reusing water bottles. Yippee! Are you ready to have more fun?  I have included mostly literacy center activities on part two.  I often place my centers into Ziploc bags and replace them often to keep my centers stations fresh.

The spelling task cards are actually from Mrs. Stamps
classroom website.  Include Scrabble letters and a plastic bottle and voil√†, you have an
instant center that is easy to store.

Pattern Center

Genre Characteristics Sorting Center

Clip them onto each genre bottle to sort them.

Word Sort
Laminated words from newspapers make a great center.

Phonics Sounds Sorting Center

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  1. These are fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Look for me to have some of these up and counted for in my centers this week.