Monday, December 12, 2011

Critical Thinking on a Budget

Teaching can be very expensive.  Between trying to save the planet, shaping young lives, and writing lesson plans, it can be challenging not to buy just one more thing for the classroom (Okay english majors, I know this is poor parallelism).  That's why I love resale shops.  For whatever reason, people love to donate their thinking games to thrift stores.  I'm not complaining, remember I'm on a budget.  I love adding thinking games to my learning center rotation.  Some of my favorites include:

Is it possible to be in love with a game?  This
is a great game for teaching deductive thinking skills and strategic thinking.

Rush Hour.  Isn't the name exciting?  You can just imagine
all of the critical thinking skills that can come out of sitting in rush hour traffic.
Really speaking though, this is a great deductive reasoning game.

I know this game looks like a mess waiting to happen
but have I ever steered you wrong before?  This game is great for
teaching visual and strategic thinking.

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