Thursday, March 13, 2014

Scrapbook Comprehension Activities

I think by this blog you realize that a pattern is emerging.  I LOVE HANDS-ON FUN!  Yippee!  Scrapbooking + Comprehension?  Why not?  I find that illustrating topics makes learning new concepts so much easier for students of all ages.
There are so many cute scrapbooking accessories.  They can be used to illustrate concepts.  This image teaches students to draw conclusions about what they read.  The boat and sleeping bag are clues about camping.

This image shows foods that would be eaten at a barbecue.  Students use to clues to determine the time of year and possible special occasion.

These cards can be placed in literacy centers as review cards.  Or, students can use scrapbooking pieces to illustrate reading concepts that they learn.  You can find scrapbook materials at most major craft stores.  Have fun!

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