Saturday, November 10, 2018

High-Interest Writing Task Cards and Activities

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Review writing skills with these 22 fun and high-interest writing prompts. Directions, templates, and product examples are also included.

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Students create zines, pop-up books, traditional essays and more with these task cards.  Even better, there are templates, examples, and detailed directions to help students make fun zines, mini graphic novels and more using information that they have learned while reading fiction and nonfiction texts.

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These high-interest writing activities are versatile, so they can be used with upper elementary students and middle school students.

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This is a fun way to incorporate zines into elementary and middle school writing lessons.  A zine is a small booklet that is handmade.  It includes explanations and illustrations.  Zines can be created for any topic.  They are a fun way for students to practice writing without feeling as though they are writing.  This is just one of many of the fun activities that is included with this resource.
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