Thursday, January 4, 2018

Daily Common Core High School Level Practice

Daily Common Core review is available at the high school level.  Click the link to access a full month of quick, daily review.  Each day of the week contains a unique passage and comprehension questions.  

Passages cover a range of genres such as contemporary literature, 19th century literature, dystopian fiction, nonfiction, and more genres to provide authentic literature review.  Each bundle contains five weeks of daily practice.

Questions cover close reading, literary devices, characterization, plot structure, common themes in literature, vocabulary, and more topics. Follow the link for a free preview and to access a full month of quick, daily practice.Click Here To Access It

Possible Uses:

  • Use as as a quick review at the beginning of class.
  • Use as literature or Common Core test review.
  • Use to preview skills such as characterization, literary devices or more skills that will be taught in upcoming weeks.
  • Use as a quick review for students that need extra practice or reinforcement.
  • Since each week is thematic but short, use the passages to supplement novels or current units of study.

High School Daily Common Core Reading Practice Weeks 1-5 {LMI}A

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