Saturday, November 18, 2017

Task Cards Vs. Reading Games (Which is Better?)

1.  Student interest is a factor.  Task cards are an engaging way to review reading and math concepts, but they get straight to the point of review. This is fine for some students.  Others might like to review in a subtle way.
Reading games review concepts in a subtle way.  Students often ASK to play them.  It is fun seeing them want to review what they have learned.
Text Feature Playing Cards
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2.  What to use might depend on if students feel as though they have options.  Allowing students to choose between an inference game or inference task cards might be best.

Inference Task Cards For Each Guided Reading Level (Levels J,K,L and M)
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Providing choice is best for some students.  This enables a student to find the review tool that best fits their learning style.

3.  Consider the time of the year.  Just before a vacation or summer break, students are often weary.  Although it is important for students to still feel as though school is in session mentally, it is nice to slow down the pace.  Reading games might best best at that time.

Overall, consider the learning styles of individual students and the time of the year.  

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