Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More Weird and Gross

Do your students love high-interest passages?  These passages are fun to read and help students apply strategies as they read passages that they will enjoy.Click Here To Access It

Why Did You Make Weird And Gross Passages?

Kids love the "ick factor", and our world has plenty of it.  Strange microbes, weird bugs, and odd historical facts are great for helping students learn how science concepts apply to daily life.

Yes, this monkey is actually on my boat!

Okay, okay.  I have an admission to make.  I LOVE the weird and gross factor of nature too.  This love for nature inspires the passages that I create.  My ultimate goal is to make learning fun, and help students build an internal motivation to read.

What Does The Document Contain?

This document contains four illustrated passages, comprehension questions, written response prompts, and an answer key. Your students will enjoy making connections with what to read and the world around them. Simultaneously, this gives students the opportunity to apply reading strategies and build their comprehension skills.Click Here To Access It


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