Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grade 8 Daily Common Core Reading Practice Weeks 1-20 (100 Passages)

I have really enjoyed creating this document. Weeks 1-20 of Grade 8 Common Core Reading/English practice is complete.  This document has been such a great resource for my students.  It has now been combined into a twenty week bundle.  The document contains 100 different quick literature and informational text passages that enable students to review character traits, character motive, metaphors, similes, poetry, author's purpose, irony, realistic fiction, historical fiction, informational text, fantasy, and even more topics and genres. Students review English Literature topics and review for Common Core at the same time. Students can use this as daily review when they first enter the classroom.  Close reading, multiple choice, and short response question varieties are include.Click Here to see a preview of the document and get more information.

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