Friday, June 6, 2014

Guided Reading Task Cards That Are Organized By Level (Main Idea Levels N-P)

This document saves so much time and makes differentiating instruction so much easier.  Trying to prepare lesson plans and literacy center activities for students that read at the same level is no easy task.  One day, I shook my head in frustration when I saw that the differentiated task cards that were two different levels were fine for two levels of students.  They just did not meet the needs of my early readers and students at different levels.  I wondered why books were organized by guided reading level but task cards were not organized this same way.  Later that evening, I got busy creating task cards that are organized by guided reading levels.  

Not only do they review comprehension skills, the task cards are research based because they provide systematic phonics instruction. Students are gradually introduced to more phonics sounds as they review comprehension skills.  Students are able to work on the same skill but at their own reading level.  The task cards cover informational and literature topics across the levels.  The phonics skills align throughout this series.  So, students can continue to reinforce phonics skills at their level no matter if they are reviewing main idea or inference skills.  This almost shaved so much time off my planning time.  

Brand new~ Guided Reading Levels N-P~ Scroll down to access additional guided reading levels.

Main Idea Guided Reading Levels N-P

Main Idea Task Cards Organized By Guided Reading Level Main Idea Guided Reading Levels A-I
Main Idea Guided Reading Levels J-M
Main Idea Guided Reading Levels N-P
Main Idea Guided Reading Levels Q-R

Inference Task Cards Organized By Guided Reading Level
Inference Guided Reading Levels A-I
Inference Guided Reading Levels J, K, L, M

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