Thursday, May 1, 2014

Compare and Contrast Themes Across Texts

There are several elements of a text that a student must pay attention to as they read. Theme is one of them.  Theme is addressed in two of the Common Core Standards. Standard RL.2 asks students to determine the theme of a text.  Standard RL.9, specifically at fifth grade level, asks students to compare and contrast how authors convey theme.

One way to help students in this area is to have students closely read a text to look for ways than two different authors teach the same theme.  The setting, characterization, and also the choice of characters that an author includes in a text each contribute to helping readers determine what the theme of a text is.

The task cards are differentiated to meet the needs of students at different reading levels.  The task cards contain short stories.  Theme task cards, theme wall charts, and theme flashcards are all included.

It includes 38 task cards (that include short stories) that help students determine character traits, analyze characters, and determine how and why characters develop across a text.

The task cards include short stories and helpful teaching tips to help students master these two Common Core Standards.

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