Monday, April 8, 2019

Common Core Number and Operations Fractions Activities

Are you ready for Common Core?  If you are nervous, please don't be.  A variety of teaching ideas will be posted to make the transition to Common Core much easier.  

This blog post provides fun hands-on ideas to teach the Common Core Math Standards and most particularly the Common Core Number and Operations Fractions section of the standards.  CCSS.4.NF.A.1, CCSS.4.NF.A.2,
CCSS.4.NF.B.1, 5.NF.A.1, and more standards.

Many of the Common Core Standards want students to be able to understand math concepts in the visual format as well as the numerical format.  Clothespins and paint sticks are great because students can touch, hold, and see the differences between fractional amounts and improper fractions.

To recreate this, draw a number line on a paint stick.  Each paint stick can be divided into different fractional amounts.  Write different fractions on clothespins.  Include mixed numbers and improper fractions.

Students can then place the clothespin at the appropriate point on the blank number line.

Possible Ideas:
~Students can use paint sticks to add or subtract fractions.
~Use to help students visualize the meaning of mixed numbers or improper fractions.
~Determine which fractional amount is missing on the number line.

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