Thursday, December 12, 2013

How to Progress Monitor with Daily Common Core Reading Practice

Progress monitoring for Common Core Reading/ELA can be easily accomplished with the Daily Common Core Reading Practice. The purpose of this blog post is to explain how this can be used to monitor student progress.

Tip 1:  Making Time Stretch
The Daily Common Core Reading Practice can be completed during the first five minutes of class as a bellringer or at the beginning of reading class.  My job as an instructional coach includes working with students across grade levels for 40 minute time periods.  Short paragraphs that cover many genres were written, and multiple standards are covered each week to keep skills sharp.  My students complete these when they first enter the room. Then, I move on to my guided reading lesson.  I created the document this way deliberately to help reading skills and strategies stay sharp and help these skills go into long-term memory.  The regular repetition across the days and weeks supports research about helping information become understood and remembered.

Tip 2:  Progress Monitoring
The standards are written right above each standard and at the end of each week to make progress monitoring much easier.

One method is to grade daily progress and take the weekly average.  Some teachers use the first few days as a pretest score and compare it to Thursday and Friday student performance.  An alternative is to keep a chart that shows weekly progress for each student. Each document includes five weeks of daily reading practice.  This makes it easier to determine if student performance is improving as weeks progress.
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  3. I am really excited about using the Daily Practice as progress monitoring. I was wondering if you have a chart or graph made up that you use to record your students scores. I have made up something, but not sure how I will like it. Just wanted to check what you used. Thank you, Ashley

    1. Hello Ashley Depew,

      For individual progress monitoring, I use the checklist on Friday and insert that page inside of each student's section of my guided reading binder. Many of the forms that I use for whole class progress monitoring are part of my grade level graphic organizer packs and task card progress recording sheets. I included pictures in one of my previous blog posts. I will leave the link below.