Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Grade 4 Daily Common Core Reading Weeks 1-20

These have been such a help for me with my students.  If you are looking for a way to teach the Common Core Reading Standards, expose students to informational text, realistic fiction, poetry, and plays and monitor student progress simultaneously, this document will be a huge help.  This document includes short reading passages and questions that can be completed in just five minutes a day.  A reading passage is included for each day of the school week.  Use the document as a bell ringer as students first enter the classroom while attendance is taken.  Use the document as an opening activity before starting a reading lesson.  Or, send home the document for use as nightly homework.  Click Here

Features Include:
*Realistic fiction,historical fiction, folktales, informational text, poetry, plays, and myths are all included so that students can review Common Core using a variety of genres of text.
*The standard is written next to each question to assist with progress monitoring.
*A checklist of all of the standards that were covered for the week are included at the end of Friday's lesson to help students keep track of standards that they have mastered.
*Many of the standards repeat across the week  and across the weeks to keep skills sharp.
*Nearly all 20 of the Common Core Literature and Informational Text Standards are covered to help students get acquainted and comfortable with the new Common Core Standards.
*A reading passage is included for each day of the school week.

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