Sunday, October 6, 2013

Common Core Close Reading Literature Passages (Grades 3-5)

These were not normal men, or so the story went.
"What kind of men? I asked my father..."
(Excerpt from the Common Core Close Reading Stories)

(View the Common Core Close Reading book trailer for a preview.) If you are looking for a way to implement the Common Core Standards and teach students how to think about text in a fun way, then you will enjoy these reading passages.  The document contains seven high interest stories that use the same professional writing techniques as novels and school assessments to provide authentic practice. This document integrates the Literature, Speaking and Listening, Language, and Writing Common Core Standards to help students understand how all of these standards work together to help readers comprehend text.  For more information Click Here

Will the secrets of the mysterious pocket watch be found out before it is too late?

Who is the mysterious girl that fell from the sky?

Never judge a book by its cover.  Is this always true?

Will Charlie and Raybeth be able to escape?

Find out the answers to these and more questions in the Common Core Close Reading Stories.

High-interest stories to make analyzing text and Common Core fun!

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