Saturday, September 29, 2012

Free Math Medical Center Math Station

Necessity is the mother of all inventions.  I really wanted perimeter cards that could teach students perimeter as well as review this concept with them.  These have been helpful because they guide students into thinking about perimeter correctly.  Students are able to work independently too.  Click Here for Perimeter Task Cards

Free templates to set up a math medical center!  Your students will LOVE math!  Templates are included in this post.

HOW TO SET UP THE STATION:  Begin by handing each student a blank math problem form. They will write down a math problem and solve it.  This is a typed example.  Instruct some students to solve their math problem incorrectly. (I will explain later).

USING THE STATION:  Hand each student an already solved math problem.  Each student will use their thermometer rubric to evaluate if the problem has been solved correctly or not.

If the problem is incorrect, a thermometer, band-aid, and prescription for how to fix it will be attached to the math problem.

This math center is great for getting students to think critically about math and is a different way to assess if they truly understand math concepts in depth.

The link to access the templates are below.  Sorry guys, the blood pressure gauge is not included.  It was created with folded paper and Velcro was added to make it look official.
Click Here For The Free Template

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