Friday, August 10, 2012

Illustrated Fun and Unique Classroom Ideas Freebie

Let the fun begin!  This post is dedicated to pure fun!  If I am bored, the kids have to be bored too.  As a result, being bored is not an option!  Pin, share, print anything that is helpful to you.  That goes for any post too!  Each of these ideas can be used to make the transition to the Common Core Standards even more enjoyable.

Tip 1:  Create a Math Museum

This is definitely a fun way for students to show their understanding.  It addresses the Common Core Standards Mathematics Standards for Mathematical Practice which includes reasoning abstractly, modeling mathematics, and attending to precision.  

Step 1:  Print out math task cards.  Each student selects a card.  This will be the focus of their exhibit.  Access the freebie here.

Step 2:  Students demonstrate their understanding by making an exhibit that illustrates the concept.  Integrate speaking and listening skills by asking them to create an "audio tour" of their exhibit.

Step 3:  Host a math museum.  Groups of students can explain their exhibits to parents or other students.

Tip 2:  Develop Illustrated Journals
Common Core Standards RL.1, RI.1, RL.2, and RI.2 encourage students to infer, identify details, and determine the main ideas of text.  One method of doing this is to combine all of the senses in note-taking.  Provide oil pastels, colored pencils, etc.  As the class reads about social studies or even science concepts, have them illustrate what they have learned as well as take notes.  By including as many human senses as possible, students are able to retain even more information.

Tip 3:  Add 3D Resources
This site is mostly for older students (4th grade on up) but it provides free printable 3D pictures.  Click Here For The Site.
Common Core Standard RI.7 encourages students to use information from a variety of resources.  

Last school year, I put my students up into groups.  One group used 3D glasses to analyze photographs, the second group looked at historical cartoons, the last group read an article.  All the information was on the same topic.  After a few minutes, everyone rotated stations.  Students had to synthesize the information by putting all the information together, and then they had to explain their ideas.

Tip 4: Have a Math Fishing Derby
Place magnetic numbers onto a plate or bowl.  Use this game with 2-3 players.  Give each student a plastic fishing pole.  Provide each student with a different task.  For example, student one can only "catch" a multiple of 10.  Student two can only catch a number that is less than  0.5, etc. Students get only 30 seconds to "catch" as many numbers as they can.  They must "throw back" any "bad catches" during that 30 second time period.

Modify this activity by writing numbers on cardstock paper and attaching a magnet.

Tip 5:  Create Egg Carton Game Boards

Step 1:  Get an empty egg carton.  Paper cartons are easier to use.

Step 2:  Paint the inside with acrylic paint.  This paint works best.

Step 3:  Use them as game boards.

Game 1:  In this game, two players select a color game piece.  Each player claims one row as their own.  Using task cards or questions that the teacher provides, students place a chip in a section each time they get a question correct.  The first person to get a chip in their entire row first wins.

Game 2:  Modify the game.  Two players select a color of their choice.  As they get a reading or math question correct, they place a game chip anywhere.  When all of the egg carton sections are filled, they determine a winner by seeing who has the most filled sections.
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