Friday, December 16, 2011

Display Board Learning Center

Sometimes space is a concern.  For this reason, I keep portable literacy and math center games in my collection.  I cut my display boards in half horizontally.  I am able to make two learning centers with just one board.  .  Velcro is attached to the back of each pin to easily remove and reattach each bowling pin.  For this center, I place question cards behind the bowling pins using paper clips.  I can interchange the cards and reuse the boards with any subject.  Pop-up books are coming next week.

To play strike, students must answer the question correctly to knock down a pin.  This is a small group game.  Students take turns answering questions.  If the question is answered correctly, the student takes down a bowling pin.  Each student takes a turn answering a question.  The student with the most pins at the end of the game wins.  This game is for two players.


  1. Now that's creative. We have a TON of used project boards around post science fair, too. Thanks.