Sunday, December 1, 2013

Point of View Common Core Style

The goal of the new Common Core Standards is to take everything to an even deeper level. Traditionally, students were asked to just state whether or not a text was written in first-person, second-person, or third person point of views.

Stating the point of view does not help students understand the connection between ideas or how bias or perspective affect how events are retold.

Instead, on the Common Core Standards assessments students will be asked to reflect about how point of view affects how a story is told.  If it is a first-person account, one in which an event is told from the vantage point of one that lived through events, the account will be very different than a secondhand account.  This is the point of view of a person that is interviewer or researcher.  Both accounts differ in perspective.Click Here To Access Point of View Task Cards

Point of View Across the Grade Levels
To help students understand the new point of view requirements, students are gradually expected to be able explain different aspects about point of view across the grade levels.

Students gradually go from stating their point of view at third grade level to comparing points of view at fourth grade level to determining how point of view affects how events are retold at fifth grade.

Click Here For Third Grade Point of View Resources

Click Here For Fifth Grade Point of View Resources

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