Sunday, May 5, 2013

Common Core and Point of View Standards RL.6 and RI.6

It used to be that all students really needed to know about point of view was the difference between first-person and third-person.  All of this has now changed.  In fact, what students need to know about Common Core Standards RL.6 and RI.6 varies across grade levels.Click Here To Access Differentiated Point of View Task Cards

For the first time, fourth graders are introduced to the meaning of firsthand and secondhand account information.  Students must be able to distinguish the difference between the two as well as compare and contrast them.  This is the main focus of informational text standard RI.6.  Although students are introduced to the concept of first-person point of view (only at fourth grade level), they must extend this knowledge and be able to compare and contrast these points of view between different texts.

At fifth grade level, students need to be able to distinguish how a narrator's point of view influences how events are described (RL.6).  For informational text, fifth graders must be able to analyze different accounts of the same event.

Helpful Teaching Tips

  • Have students use primary sources of information when they do research.  This gives them a great opportunity to compare different versions of the same events.  
  • In small groups, have students discuss which types of resources are most useful in understanding history.  Is a historical diary entry better or would a historical map be more useful?  They can then think about how and why each account of information would differ.
Topical Common Core Point of View Worksheets Aligned to Specific Grade Levels
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Self-Teaching Common Core Point of View Activity Cards (They Come With A Printable Box For Convenient Storage)

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