Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Middle School Daily Common Core Reading Passages



Review the Common Core Standards and literature skills in just a few minutes each day. Original passages and questions are included.  Each week includes a checklist of the reading skills that were covered in the week.

This series is available across most grade levels.  Access a middle school grade level.

Use these as the question of the day or question of the week.

Grade 6 Daily Common Core, Grade 7 Daily Common Core, Grade 8 Daily Common Core,

Thursday, January 6, 2022

High Interest Low Readability Daily Common Core Weeks 1-4 (Middle School)


What is the strange sound that Dana keeps hearing next door?

Will the criminal be able to trick the couple with his fake injury and steal their car?

These questions can be answered after reading a few of the short stories from High-Interest, Low Readability Daily Common Core for Middle School.

Review literature skills in just a few minutes a day.  Cover literature skills with passages that are low-readability but are still developmentally appropriate for middle school students.

Click Here To Access It

Use this as an intervention for middle school students that need extra practice in reading.  Use this to review literature skills in small doses.  Use this to monitor progress.  Weekly progress charts are included.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Free Literature Choice Board

I love choice boards so much.  Not only are they fun, but they also appeal to different learning styles.  I created this choice board to use with my students.  The great thing about it is that choice boards can be used with any book.

How to use them:
After assigning a chapter for students to read, ask them to select an activity to complete from the list.  Since there are multiple activities to choose from, students can use the same choice board over and over again. Use this free reading resource in your classroom.

Click Here To Access This Free Literature Choice Board

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Grade 5 A complete Year of Daily Common Core Reading Practice

18 months and three editors later, I am finished!  This project has definitely been a labor of love.  A full year of Grade 5 Daily Common Core Reading Practice is complete. Click Here To Access It

This document contains 200 different, quick Common Core reading passages and Common Core aligned questions for each day of the school week.  This has been one of my top selling products, and now it has been combined into a complete one year bundle.

This document is quick and can be easily used as morning review when students first enter the classroom or as nightly homework.  The passages use the same types of professional writing techniques as award winning novels and cover the same types of themes and topics that are covered in fifth grade in order to provide authentic practice.

The questions are text dependent and are asked in multiple choice, short written response, and close reading formats to reflect the variety of formats of questions on the Common Core Assessments.  The questions are written at different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy to encourage students to analyze and deeply understand what they read.

The document provides an opportunity for students to review inferences, details, character analysis, text structure, theme, author's purpose and more topics in short, daily doses.  This supports brain research about providing constant review to help what students learn stick in long term memory.

All informational text passages are not made the same.  The informational text passages in the document focus on topics that really matter and are commonly taught in school such as animal adaptions, the Pony Express, moon phases, plants, and more.  Poetry, plays, realistic fiction, fantasy, and historical fiction passages are all included to assist students with learning about Common Core in multiple formats.

The checklist at the end of each week makes Common Core progress monitoring so much easier.  Students and teachers alike can keep track of the skills that students master each week.  

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

(Digital) Distance Learning Resources for Middle School Distance Learning (High-Interest Middle School Passages)

(The digital version scores student answers too!  Choose from the printable and digital versions.) 

This unique resource goes the extra mile.  It contains high-interest middle school nonfiction passages that are self-scoring.  This makes it even easier to assign and score student work for distance learning as well as traditional schooling.

Four high-interest passages are included.  Students read about interesting topics that relate to science and social studies as they build skills such as close reading, evaluating information, and inferring.

The passages are also leveled.  This makes is easier to individualize instruction and do distance learning.


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Math and Reading Vending Machine

If you have ever begged your parents to buy you something from a gumball machine, you will understand the excitement that students have when they see a cardboard vending machine in the classroom.

It is a unique way to get students to review reading and math concepts.  Each capsule contains a math question or a (very short) reading passage with one comprehension question.  When students turn the knob on the vending machine, they randomly select a question to answer.  

The capsules were purchased on Amazon for about $14.00. I used an empty box with a window cut into it to create the vending machine.  A rolled piece of cardboard with a kitty litter jug cap glued onto it served as the turnable knob.

Access Addition Flashcards Here
NWEA Review Cards (Access Here)


Monday, September 14, 2020

Fun Idea for Distance Teaching and Distance Learning


I am on a serious mission to make distance learning fun.  What better way to spice it up than with chips!

What I loved most is that students liked the interaction of doing a crafty type of tutorial.  The good news is that it relates to things they should learn, addition facts.

I used card stock paper to make the tortillas.  They started out white.  I colored each one a sunny yellow and added tan, orange, and brown speckles to them to create a realistic look.

The "potato chip" bag is a sheet of copy paper that was folded book style in half.  I colored only the front part of "the book" and glued the bottom and sides of the bag to represent all of splendor of a chip bag.  Last, I wrote a math fact on the front of each chip.  I put the answer on the back of each one.  This is a fun way to review math facts.  We spent 15 minutes of class time making the bags and chips.  Students made any type of chips that they wanted.  They really had a great time.